Services BreakDown

What can Matt do for you?

On-Site Consult

Matt comes to your property usually lasting between 1-2 hours. Walk the property and go over your concerns, plans, ideas, and other topics that were discussed prior to the onsite meeting. 

Pest and Disease ID

Plants looking ugly? Do you have spots on your roses, or white powdery "stuff" on some foliage? Matt can come over and help you see the bigger picture as to why perhaps you plants are struggling. INSIDE and out.

Design Review

Just received a bid, or landscape design and don't know where to start? Let Matt walk you through the process, if you are wanting to save money and install it yourself, and or just looking to grasp the concepts better.

Landscape Design

Matt Likes to bring nature into the garden. Birds, bees, and all the beneficial wildlife that help transform your “yard” into a livable habitat. He has experience with replacing lawns with low-to-no-water plants. His aesthetic is more on the natural side, but more than happy to work with the client to ensure they get what they want in their garden. 

Ornamental Garden 

Matt married both his passions, Hortilcuture & photography. If you are a landscape Architect looking for high quality before and after photos. Or just finished and installation and would like photographs for marketing/portfolio purposes.

Realestate Landscape Readiness

If you are a Realestate agent you have to worry about so many things. Why not let Matt take care of picking the right plants for the right space, ensuring that with the proper care, they will survive, & thrive until the house is sold. 

Commercial/ Business 
Landscape Overview

So you just received your $50K landscape maintenance bid for your commercial property, is everything in the bid appropriate? are they fertilizing when they are supposed to? Do they keep installing plants that die? How are you supposed to even know? Do you have an on staff plant expert? This is where Matt comes in to help you see the bigger picture. Matt can go over the bid/estimate/plan with you and break it down in a way that is easy to understand, possibly saving you thousands of dollars. This also includes INDOOR plants. 

Hmm..I'm not seeing what I'm looking for..

if you are not seeing what you want just give matt a call or shoot him and e-mail and together you will figure it out! if Matt himself can not help he knows many people on the industry and can reach out on your behalf