Matt Loves


Common situations & how Matt can help

  • If you are someone who has just moved, and have "No idea" what anything in your garden is, and/or how to take care it.

  • If you are a DIY gardener, and just need some advice on how to prune, plant, transplant properly, and perhaps grow your own food!

  • If you are after that Exact specimen tree, or looking for a bunch of plants for a job. Matt can travel to a wholesale nursery and hand select the right plants for your site. Delivery, and coordination can be arranged. 

  • If you are a Real estate agent selling a home/property and you need to know what plants you can put in where, what plants should come out, wait is that a weed or a flower?  Often staging the outside is just as important as the inside to make the house look good for its photographs, and through the listing period.

  • If you are a commercial/large company, looking to gain some insight on your property, as to HOW the maintenance should be upheld. Or perhaps you got a few bids from landscape architects, and no one on your staff really knows about plants, but you need someone you can trust to review the plans, and break them down for you in a simple manner. This is a very common situation as large companies receive bids from landscape companies without the need to have a plant expert on staff, they typically trust the company to put in something they want but that is not always the case..

  • If you are a design build firm/construction/architect company looking for high quality before and after photographs, of your job sites, or online portfolio/website. Matt is an excellent and passionate photographer. 

  • If you are in need of a  Landscape design plan, or a Planting plan.

  • All conversations start via email or phone call to further asses what it is you need help with​! 

These are only a few common occurrences, but don't hesitate to reach out to matt with any questions. 

Click HERE to see some examples of past work & client situations.